2014 Race Schedule

October 4 BELFAST race info:

We will have a one or two vans driving to Belfast on Saturday morning, 10/4.  We will be meeting at Desert Rd at 7:45, driving away by 8:00.  Morgan wants all runners to be at the race site by 9:30.

Since some families will attend this race and may drive their runner to the race, we need to hear about travel plans for EVERY runner. We want to make sure we have enough seats for those that want rides, but we don't want to be waiting for runners that have their own transportation.  Please update the shared spreadsheet (link sent via email) by next Friday (10/3) at noon to say how you (your runner) will be getting to Belfast.

Location: Troy Howard Middle School, Belfast

Order of Events
10:25 AM - Coach's and Captain's Meeting
10:50 AM - National Anthem
11:00 AM - Unseeded Section (slow heat) Boys
11:45 PM - Unseeded Section (slow heat) Girls
12:30 PM - Freshmen Boys
1:15 PM - Freshmen Girls
2:00 PM - Seeded Section (fast heat) Boys
2:40 PM - Seeded Section (fast heat) Girls
3:20 PM - Awards Ceremony in Gym
Note: Teams should report to the start area 20 minutes before the above times for check in and team introductions.

We don't yet have the race assignment for our runners, but we expect to stay through the awards ceremony.  As you can tell, it will be a long day, so runners should bring plenty of food, a variety of clothing for changing weather conditions, and water.  There are indoor bathrooms and water fountains at the school.

We should return to Desert Rd by 5:00-5:30.


WMC Cross Country 2014 Schedule

WMC 2014 Cross Country Schedule          Final 3/26/14

Boys run at 4:30, Girls run at 5:00 in 2014.

Date                   Participating Schools                                           Host School
Fri. 9/26           Kenn, LR, Merr                                                 @ Gray (31 Libby Hill Rd, Gray)
                        CE, SV, Wayn                                                   @ York
                         Falm, Traip, Wells, Yarm                                   @ Pol

Sat. 10/4          CE, Falm,  Gray, Greely, LR, Merr, NYA, Wayn, Yarm, York
                             @ Belfast Inv.

Fri 10/10         (This week boys 4:00, girls 4:30)
                       Falm, LR, Wells, York                                         @ Traip
                       Kenn, Wayn, Yarm                                              @ SV
                       Gray, Merr, Pol                                                    @ CE
                        Frye, Greely, NYA                                              @ Free

Fri 10/17         WMC Championship                                            @ St. Joe’s
                             (1:45 course walks begin, 3:00 VG, 3:30 VB, 4:00 JVG, 4:30 JVB)
Sat. 10/25        Regionals                                                             @ Twinbrook

Sat. 11/1          State Meet                                                           @ Belfast

Sat 11/8           New Englands